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We create the world we live in through our expectations and beliefs. We aquired those during all of our life. From our partens, grandparents, friends, teachers, media. The younger a child the less judgemental it is. It’s not expacting anything and is fascinated by everything around. The process of aquiring is a slow one. And not everything about it is bad. It’s good to expact things will break when they fall to the ground. Ort hat I might be hit by a car if I cross the street without looking. For this reason I usally don’t use the words good/bad to qualify beliefs. I prefer helpful/unhelpful. And all those expacations helpful and unhelpful create our worldview. And depending on your type of worldview you will have corresponding thoughts. For example if you believe the world to be a dangerous place and people are always out to get you – that will be mirrored in the kind of thoughts you have. And in the context of this worldview it’s very usefull to becareful around people. Or to buy a bag which can’t be cut for travel. But in this kind of view makes you be in constant alert which is not very healthy for your body. Another example: If I think the cause for my headache can only be some event in my childhood I might not consider changing my pillow. It’s quite common to judge certain thoughts as bad and want to do something about them. They cause stress and you need to get rid of them. But first – you can’t control your thoughts (I wrote about that a few times) and second – it’s not neccessary. It’s way more effective to change the way you see the world. Because than that kind of thought just doesn’t make sense anymore and you won’t listen to it. One moment where you see that the world just is what you are making up and that has nothing to do with reality can be enough. One moment where you see it’s a creation of your imagination. You will see the world with new eyes – and new thoughts can come in. Maybe more helpful than the ones