Everything in the universe has the same origin. Before the Big Bang there was nothing. And from this nochting everything came into existence. Every galasy, solar system, star, planet, atoms and elementary particle. Everything came from this one singularity. The air we breath tody will soon be breathed in on the other side of the globe. To be able to eat a slice of bread there had to happen a thousand things. From the invention of the combine harvester over the discovery of sourdough to specialisation of professions. Mostly we don’t think about all that.

And there is something else we have in common: We all create our reality through thought. Every single on of us does that. Not only me, but also you. And your neighbour. And the guy in the car. Every single one. And like you – all those people can’t control what kind of thoughts they are having. Meaning that everybody can only ever do what comes to mind in that moment.

So – if you sometimes forget to do something. Why do you think your partner shouldn’t? Without it having any meaning like it was on purpose or is out to get you. It was just because the thought didn’t come to him. And it the though (e.g. to buy milk) doesn’t come I won’t do it. And if the thought to write it down doesn’t come I won’t do it. So simple. So easy. Even if I really meant to do it. I can’t change it. And that’s why it doesn’t make sense at all to get angry at someone who forgot something. I can have the best intentions. If the thought doesn’t come I can’t help it.

We are all the same. No exception. We all come from the same star.