Let’s be hones. For most of us the time before Christmas is not very peaceful and contemplative. It is filled with what feels like thousand appointments we have to attend and millions of things we have to do.

Have to? Who is making us? Yes, I want my kid to have presents at Christmas. But does it have to be five? Wouldn’t one or two well selected be enough? And who says that my partner and my friends have to have presents too? Just to think about 😉 And just because I’m invited to the Christmas party doesn’t mean I actually have to go. I can skip one or the other.

But the real reason why we are so stressed out is that we permanently think about all the stuff we still have to do and where we have to go. Even if I’m not actually doing it or going there. An example: I know I want to pre-order the meat for our Christmas meal. This stressed out feelings comes because I think about calling the butcher when I wake up in the morning, when I’m having breakfast, when commuting to work, when having lunch at work,… but I’m not actually doing it. Just thinking about it all the time. Easiest for me is to consider when would actually be a good time to really make the call. And put an appointment in my calender which reminds me of doing it than. Out of my head, no need to think about it any more. Because all the thinking I was doing was just to make sure I won’t forget it. But it keeps coming into my head when I can’t really do it – like 6 am in the morning when there is nobody there I could call. And it’s quite similiar with most of the things.

Yes – before Christmas there are a few things to be done we normally don’t need to do. But they are not the cause for feeling stressed. But our constant thinking about them. And as soon as I see this I can come up with ideas that help me stop doing this additional thinking. And enjoy this special time before Christmas.

With this said – have a peaceful Christmas time.

Maybe other people have experienced the same. When I started meditating and got my first insights into the nature of mind and how we create our reality via thought I was thrilled. I thought „now everything is going to change and will be better“. Well yes and no. It got better but it wasn’t that I didn’t experience times when I totally lost it and was so in my head that I felt nothing has changed. I still got frustrated, angry, disappointed. Somehow I had thought that when I understand how it works, those feelings would be past.

But I am human. And nowadays I believe we are not meant to be permanantly aware that we are thinking and feeling. Imagine you are at the movies and instead of feeling with the characters you just watch it without getting involved. That wouldn’t be much fun – would it? We go to the movie to engage with the story presented on the screen. We want to feel happy, angry, frustrated, nervous whatsoever the character happens to experience. And it’s the same in life. Imagine watching yourself kissing your partner or having a bubble bath instead of just feeling it. That would be awkward. You can try it yourself if you don’t believe it. It happened to me accidentally and it really felt weird. I don’t want that for sure! When I kissmy partner I just want to be kissing my partner and not watching myself doing it.

That means that I don’t have to beat myself up when I realize that I haven’t been aware. That I lost it and got really angry, frustrated, whatsoever. I will wake up to it at some moment. And than I will have a choice how to proceed further.

Maybe following helps further: Do you think you will never ever let something drop just because you understand how gravity works? Don’t think so either. So just because I understand something doesn’t mean that I can control it. But understanding makes my life a whole lot easier.

Everything in the universe has the same origin. Before the Big Bang there was nothing. And from this nochting everything came into existence. Every galasy, solar system, star, planet, atoms and elementary particle. Everything came from this one singularity. The air we breath tody will soon be breathed in on the other side of the globe. To be able to eat a slice of bread there had to happen a thousand things. From the invention of the combine harvester over the discovery of sourdough to specialisation of professions. Mostly we don’t think about all that.

And there is something else we have in common: We all create our reality through thought. Every single on of us does that. Not only me, but also you. And your neighbour. And the guy in the car. Every single one. And like you – all those people can’t control what kind of thoughts they are having. Meaning that everybody can only ever do what comes to mind in that moment.

So – if you sometimes forget to do something. Why do you think your partner shouldn’t? Without it having any meaning like it was on purpose or is out to get you. It was just because the thought didn’t come to him. And it the though (e.g. to buy milk) doesn’t come I won’t do it. And if the thought to write it down doesn’t come I won’t do it. So simple. So easy. Even if I really meant to do it. I can’t change it. And that’s why it doesn’t make sense at all to get angry at someone who forgot something. I can have the best intentions. If the thought doesn’t come I can’t help it.

We are all the same. No exception. We all come from the same star.

During this years Advanced Course with Michael Neill – which I’m attending – Michael said the following which resonated deeply within me:

„When we rest in our health, we become healthier.
When we rest in quiet, we become quieter.
When we rest in beauty, we become more beautiful.
When we rest in peace, we become more peaceful.“

I found that to be absolutely true in my life. The more I put my attention on peace, the more I saw it and the more peaceful I became. But another thing came to my mind. What really is health? Is quiet? Is beauty? Is peace? And how do we rest in it?

I’d like to look at it from a different angle.

How many times do we retell some not so nice event in our head. Including all the related emotions like anger, shame, sadness. And that’s all we do. We don’t resolve it, get new ideas or whatever. We just go over the same event again and again. And our bodies are flooded with stress hormones. Which is known to have a bad effect on our health if happening to often and for longer periods of time. So – how healthy is that?

How many times do we switch on the TV or our mobile devices when there is nothing to do. When there is silence? We distract ourselves with noise and business. How quiet ist hat?

How many times do we look at our refelction in the mirror and only see our „flaws“? Only have critique for ourselves? Is that beauty?

And how many times do we say nasty things to our loved ones because they didn’t behave the way we expected? Even if they didn’t do anything wrong we pick on them. How peaceful is that?

I would say it’s pretty easy to rest more in health, in quiet, in beauty and in peace. Just watch yourself. You don’t have to do anything about it. Just being aware that we do these kind of things will already change it. At least that’s my observation.